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001 Lovely tulips

An abundant mass of tulips to brighten your day !    20 tulips or 30 tulips 

You can choose a color what you want 



009 Spring Morning Tulip Bouquet




Vase include 

You can choose a color you want 



2 Classic Beauty


Soft, feminine, and blooming with a flowering finesse at every turn, this gorgeous fresh flower arrangement has a classic elegance to it that simply never goes out of style

Flower arrangements and bouquets may differ slightly from their presentations. Additional flowers and plants can be added. (conditions apply)

3b Breathless Luxury Rose Bouquet 24-inch Premium Long-Stemmed Roses

Give love with roses

They leave you breathless with every kiss. Sweep them off their feet with 24-inch premium long-stemmed red roses from  Ecuador   premium class . Each stem flaunts the beauty of their beautiful swirling petals,

FOR THE ARRANGEMENT OF 50 OR 75 OR 100 ROSES  WITH VASE( include) -gorgeously situated in a sophisticated clear glass 11-inch  vase, to astound and amaze your special someone with the bounty of their timeless elegance.
Includes:50 OR 73 OR  100 Red 60cm roses and one large glass  vase

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Flower arrangements and bouquets may differ slightly from their presentations. Additional flowers and plants can be added. (conditions apply)


A Designer's Choice
Can't decide what to send? Let one of our talented designers create a custom arrangement for your loved one using the seasons best blooms!  Please specify if you have a colour preference in the special instruction area when ordering with one of the following: "Soft pastels", "Bright & Vibrant", "Whites, Creams & Greens", or "Monochromatic _____". You may also advise us of any flowers that you would not like included, such as "no lilies".
Aglaonema Silver Bay

 Aglaonema's are lovely decorative house plants with large, narrow, glossy, oval leaves. They come in a variety of beautiful colour variations, Silver Bay is a wonderful green variety with a silvery variegated foliage.

How to care for your aglaonema

Aglaonema Silver Bay is a hardy, drought tolerant, low maintenance, air purifier. They thrive well in the shade or low light environments, do not expose to direct sunlight. Water once a week during Summer and mist leaves every few days, water less frequently in Winter. 

Comes in its plastic 6 "  plant pot

 approx 20-24 " high. 



Alocasia Polly. Alocasia Amazonica


The Alocasia Polly, also known as the Alocasia x Amazonica and African Mask Plant is a very recognizable plant that you'll probably have seen before on social media or in gardening stores. It's large and odd-shaped leaves with bright nerves will jump at you from a distance..


Anthurium plant is the largest herbaceous genus of about 1000 species of the flowering plants belonging to the arum family, Araceae. You can found it as you go from Mexico to northern Argentina, Uruguay, and parts of the Caribbean. It is also renowned as anthurium, tail flower, painted tongue, flamingo flower, and laceleaf.

The leaves of anthurium are found often clustered and have different shapes, whereas the flowers are small and contain both male and female structures. Spadix contains flowers where it slowly develops into fruits. The fruits are juicy berries, usually contains two seeds, and are found in various colors.

Available in diffèrent colors 

L 8" 





Aralia Ming


Ming aralia prefers bright indirect light when grown indoors. Outdoors mings will grow in full sun.

Bright light will make your Ming more attractive and compact.

MIng aralia is an unusual looking small tree or specimen shrub. The leaves have cut, saw-toothed margins giving a feathery, lacy fern-like looking appearance.

Ming aralias reach heights of up to 6’ – 8’ feet tall. The leaves have a tendency to droop

L 6"

Price is only for a pant _____ ADD A COVER POT



Ardisia crenata is a species of flowering plant in the primrose family, Primulaceae, that is native to East Asia. It is known by a variety of names such as Christmas berry, Australian holly, coral ardisia, coral bush, coralberry, coralberry tree, hen's-eyes, and spiceberry. 

b Z Z Plant


If ever there was the perfect plant for the ultimate brown thumb, the easy ZZ plant is it. This virtually indestructible houseplant can take months and months of neglect and low light and still look amazing. Previously, the ZZ plant would only be found in planters in malls and large office buildings where they would frequently be mistaken for fake plants, partially because they needed so little care and always looked healthy. But in recent years, they have found their way onto the shelves of both big box and hardware stores where anyone can purchase one. This has led to many people wondering how to grow ZZ plants. The short answer is that it takes very little effort.

price is only for a plant 

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price is only a plant 

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