Z Z Plante

Le Zamioculcas a fait son apparition depuis quelques années dans les magasins de décoration, les grandes surfaces, les salles d'attente, les bureaux et, par conséquent, chez vos amis ici et là. Comme elle n'est pas exigeante, facile à cultiver et résistante à des conditions peu habituelles pour des végétaux, elle est plébiscitée.En outre, avec sa forme élancée et son feuillage...


If ever there was the perfect plant for the ultimate brown thumb, the easy ZZ plant is it. This virtually indestructible houseplant can take months and months of neglect and low light and still look amazing. Previously, the ZZ plant would only be found in planters in malls and large office buildings where they would frequently be mistaken for fake plants, partially because they needed so little care and always looked healthy. But in recent years, they have found their way onto the shelves of both big box and hardware stores where anyone can purchase one. This has led to many people wondering how to grow ZZ plants. The short answer is that it takes very little effort.

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