Cactus Euphorbia

L'euphorbe cactiforme est une plante d'intérieur adoptée par de nombreuses personnes car tout en étant très design, il apporte un peu de verdure facile à entretenir dans des environnements urbains. L 8"H

The cactus euphorbia looks like the quintessential cactus, although it’s technically not one (it grows very very tiny leaves, which cacti do not). It’s native to Southern Africa, where it stands out in the dry scrublands, basking in the blazing sun. As it grows, sometimes almost ten metres tall, its trunk becomes woody. Eventually, it becomes a strange, bulbous tree. Often it will flower and grow round, red fruit.

As a houseplant it won’t become a tree, or grow flowers and fruit (we don’t have the necessary conditions). It will remain a tall, handsome plant that deals very well with living inside. When caring for it, think desert: Lots and lots of light; not a lot of water. 

L 8"

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