18 Heart's Wishes Luxury Bouquet - VASE INCLUDED

Conçu tout spécialement pour conquérir le coeur de votre bien-aimé (e) avec un mélange de couleurs vives saturées à leur meilleur, ce bouquet parle aux histoires d'amour éternel avec chacune de ses tiges. De riches roses rouges se mêlent aux orchidées Mokara rose vif attrayantes, aux roses et aux roses en bouquet qui aident à transmettre chaque souhait de votre...

Deeply devoted to claiming your special recipient's heart with a bold mix of color saturated in it's finest form, this bouquet speaks to everlasting romance with each and every stem. Rich red roses mingle with the eye-catching hot pinks of Mokara Orchids, roses, and spray roses that help to convey your heart's every wish. Finished with lush green accents to delight the eye and make each bloom pop in it's intended way, this luxury bouquet arrives in a clear faceted glass vase lined with exotic red ti leaves to add even further interest to this already opulent design style. A gift of love that will surely touch their heart. IMPRESSIVE bouquet is Approx. 24"H x 26"W. STUNNING bouquet is Approx. 25"H x 27"W.

Flower arrangements and bouquets may differ slightly from their presentations. Additional flowers and plants can be added. (conditions apply)

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