22 Superior Sights Luxury Bouquet

Les grappes d'hortensias bleus et verts procurent à cette composition florale une concentration fraîche qui capte l'attention grâce aux éclats de roses blanches et de mufliers parfaitement agencés par un artiste pour offrir un moment inoubliable au destinataire. Remarquez comment les feuilles de lin sont placées dans cette composition pour lui procurer une impression de mouvement et de grâce, de...


Clusters of blue and green hydrangea give this floral arrangement a fresh focus, drawing the eye with pops of white roses and snapdragons perfectly placed with an artist's eye to create an unforgettable moment upon delivery. Notice how the flax leaves are placed within the arrangement to give it all a sense of movement and grace, taking the design aesthetic to a new level of sophistication. The subtle light blue color of the vase helps to bring forth the blues and greens within the bouquet, making this both a warm and airy design that will help you send a gift that truly speaks from your heart. IMPRESSIVE bouquet includes vase. Approx. 19"H x 14"W. STUNNING bouquet, Approx. 21"H x 16"W. Noël 

Flower arrangements and bouquets may differ slightly from their presentations. Additional flowers and plants can be added. (conditions apply)

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